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Wada Ice is a low calorie, fat free, dairy free and cholesterol free frozen delicious cup of tasty treat.There is an average of between 310 to 380 calories per 5-ounce serving in a 5 oz cup of ice cream with no toppings while there are 120 calories in a 5 oz serving of Wada Ice. Wada ice is great for anyone looking for a healthy alternative on a hot day.
Wada feeling! You can treat yourself and feel good about indulging in this tasty frozen treat!  

About WadaIce

 Who We Are and what we believe our customers deserve

As the owners of WadaIce we are
●    Customer Service Experts
●    Parents
●    Entrepreneurs
We believe our principals of serving our community premium products and treating them with respect in a courteous and friendly manner is part of the Wadaice brand.  

We believe with just the simple principals above and our commitment to hard work and an honest Servant attitude we can be financially successful and set an example for our children that smart, hard work is rewarded.

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Who We Are



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